Reading Geek Night

An open community event for techy-types is getting underway in Reading.  These events are for people to get together in an informal setting, share knowledge and have a couple of beers!

The first of these monthly events is happening next Tuesday on the 10th November.  Add to your bookmarks and check it out regularly for updates.  You can also follow @rdggeek on twitter or the #rdggeek hashtag.

Talks lined up for the first event are:

Who do you think you are? Ben NunneyThe internet is everywhere, and all of us in the tech community are connected in some way, shape or form. But how powerful is your digital identity, and what does it actu- ally matter to you? The talk will be a brief look at what your digital identity is, was, and can be – who are you, in the eyes of the internet? Does your boss really care what you had for lunch?

A practical introduction to Ruby on Rails Chris TingleyThis live code demonstration will take you from your first line of Ruby code, through some fundamental features of Rails with pit stops in MVC, CRUD, REST, automated testing and meta-programming, crossing the finish line with a functional web app! Hold on to your hats, all this WILL happen in 15 minutes.

What Is Windows Azure? Dom GreenWhat is Windows Azure? How will cloud computing change how we develop applications, manage our IT infrastructure, or even set up an online business? This whirl-wind talk will introduce Windows Azure, Microsoftʼs cloud computing platform.

Coding for kids Jim Anning – Coding is not routinely taught in UK schools until 6th form level. How can we encourage a new generation of kids to code? A quick introduction to MIT’s Scratch programming environment.


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