Happy Birthday issue 38204

Happy Birthday issue 38204!Following on from my previous post there has been a flurry of activity on issue 38204 in Google Chrome’s bug tracking system.  However, I have since realised that issue 38204 originally advocated giving the end-user a setting to turn the status bubble on and off.  Although this is a useful feature by itself, it does not address the points of my post:

  • usability: the status bubble covers up parts of web pages and web applications, impacting their usability.
  • functionality: the status bubble moves out of the way when the mouse approaches it, which is just a workaround for the usability problem.
  • accessibility: the status bubble appears, disappears and jumps around attempting to mitigate the usability problems, but in doing so causes distraction and confusion, especially for end-users with ADHD and ADD.
  • security: the status bubble’s behaviour can be spoofed by a malicious website, potentially enabling a social-engineering exploit.

I believe that these aspects of the status bubble are much more serious than allowing the end-user to turn it on or off.  Therefore, and to celebrate the 1st birthday of issue 38204 on March 15, I have given birth to another issue in Google Chrome’s bug tracking system: issue 75832

If you want to sing ‘Happy Birthday’, then be my guest, but please visit issue 75832 and show your support there too.


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