Ellipsis has an HTML tag…

From the “I never knew that…” department.

There’s an HTML tag for the ellipsis character.  Rather than writing “…” as above if you write … you’ll get a better-behaved …

It’s in HTML4.0 so it should be everywhere by now!

This is probably worth reviewing for similar goodies.

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A milestone

We’ve just passed revision 10000 in our revision control system (Subversion) which is an opportunity for cake.   Which makes me wonder: what’s the largest revision number out there?

That sort of question implies something about revision control system you’re using …. with the advent of distributed systems such as Git perhaps this sort of question will one day be quaint.

But it’s interesting to note that the subversion project is now officially Apache Subversion so it is managed under the Apache Software Foundation’s Subversion repository and their trunk is currently at revision 982900!